We are most grateful to those folk  who assisted in some way  with the preparation of this website.  They include –

THE LATE ANNETTE AND BARRY OAKLEY - for the original website inspiration, and for the hours and hours of work, and outpouring of years of hard won experience which has enabled us to fill this website with such valuable information.

KEITH PEARSON - A Past National Chairman - for his contribution from time to time.

CLIVE GLOVER – for many of the magnificent photographs

JOHN BYETT – for assisting with information generally.

VANESSA VON HOLDT – for advice, support and inspiration

BILL MARSHALL – (now) past National Chairman - for advice on the website approach generally, and specifically re spam prevention, email re-direction, and input on the Student Gold Pack Awards

GILL LOUBSER, of PACKAGiNG and Print Media journal, for her willingness, always, to help.

ROGER CARY-SMITH - for this website concept, execution and ongoing updating.

THOSE PERSONS NAMED AS CONTACTS under the main menu item STUDENT ASSISTANCE, sub menu item USEFUL CONTACTS FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, who so kindly agreed to "stand up and be counted" when asked if they would make themselves available.  And to their employer, NAMPAK RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT.


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