Explanation and Application for Listing of Job Vacancies

Employment Opportunities Offered by Organisations

Explanation and Application for Listing of Job Vacancies | Employment Opportunities offered by Organisations


Concerns who have packaging related vacancies within their organisations, or who are recruiting packaging related staff on behalf of any organisation, may take advantage of the opportunity to advertise such employment opportunities on our website, at a nominal cost of R250-00 (incl VAT).  This covers insertion for a period of 30 days from date of submission, but insertion will only be activated once payment is made.

Please complete the form appearing below as fully as possible, and then hit the "send" button.

This website is visited not only by our approximately 650 members, but by persons and organisation world wide, so this provides a valuable opportunity to indicate employment opportunities within your concern at a very nominal cost.



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I, the person whose full names appear below, certify by the insertion of my names that I am authorised to place this advertisement on behalf of the organization named above, and to accept the fee of R250-00 (incl VAT) per vacancy advertised, and am aware that this is payable upon demand to The Institute of Packaging (SA), for performing this service. I acknowledge further that I am aware that this job vacancy advertisement will appear for a period of thirty (30) days from the date appearing hereunder, but will only be activated upon payment of the fee referred to. Furthermore, that The Institute of Packaging (SA) offers this facility primarily as a service to its members, and will in no way become involved in any contacts or negotiations between the parties to a possible employment contract, nor does it vouch to any extent as to the standing of any of the parties involved or an individual who may respond to this advertisement. I indemnify The Institute of Packaging (SA) against any and all losses, claims, disputes or other actions which may arise herefrom.

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