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Explanation and Application for listing as a Workseeker | Table of Workseekers for Employment


Individuals who are seeking employment in the packaging or related fields are invited to post their details on our website. This is FREE for members "in good standing" and at nominal cost, (R75-00 incl VAT) for non-members.

The entry will be displayed for a period of thirty (30) days from the date appearing on the application / date of submission, but will however only be activated once payment is received.

Please complete the form appearing below as fully as possible, and then hit the "send" button. 

This website is visited not only by persons and organisations in South Africa, but also world wide, so this provides a valuable opportunity to the individual to invite employment offers, at a very nominal cost.

PLEASE NOTE : OF PARTICULAR IMPORTANCE – in completing and submitting the form appearing below, you are asked to indicate whether you, as an individual, are prepared to be identified in terms of your name and or contact details.

If you are, then potential employers who may be interested in your services will contact you direct.   

If you DO NOT WISH TO BE IDENTIFIED, please indicate this - You will then be required to indicate a non-de-plume and an email address to which any enquiries can be directed.  Whilst the non-de- plume will be revealed for reference purposes, the contact email address will for obvious reasons be kept confidential, and that for the Institute of Packaging (SA) will be utilised.

Please note however, that, whilst the Institute of Packaging (SA) will make every effort to protect your anonymity, the risk remains yours.

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Are you prepared for your real names and contact details to be displayed openly on the website (YES/NO)? :

If you have answered YES, please indicate your full names and contact email address -

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If you have answered NO to the above question, please indicate the non-de-plume you have chosen for reference purposes. Your true name and contact email address are requested lower down in this form. :

Nature of Position you are seeking. :

Your Current Job Title or state UNEMPLOYED if this applies. :

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Any other information which you would like to appear in your resume. :

I, the person named below, certify by the insertion of my names or non-de-plume that I request my details as shown above to be placed on the Institute of Packaging (SA)'s website, and I accept that if the Institute does not recognise me as a 'member in good standing' that a fee of R75-00 (inc VAT) (for a period of one month) is payable for this service. I acknowledge further that I am aware that my details will be activated only upon receipt of the payment referred to. Furthermore, that the Institute of Packaging (SA) offers this facility as a service primarily to its members, and will in no way become involved in any contacts or negotiations between any parties to a possible employment contract, nor does it vouch to any extent as to the standing of the organisation or individuals who may respond to such job seeking. I understand furthermore and accept that whilst the Institute of Packaging (SA) will use every effort to protect my true identity (if I have requested this by use of a non-de-plume), the ultimate risk of identification remains mine. I indemnify the Institute of Packaging (SA) against any and all losses, claims, disputes or other actions which may arise herefrom.

Full Names of person authorising placement of workseeker's details, and agreeing to the above terms and conditions (this information will NOT be revealed unless you have indicated that it may be). :

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Once you have completed all the information you may hit the SEND button below.