Welcome to the official website of the Institute of Packaging SA

The Institute is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the development of the art and science of packaging and representing the interests of its members.

This is achieved by means of our national educational programmes, and through networking achieved by frequent contact amongst our members by way of monthly meetings, workshops, seminars, conferences and social events held in our five regions throughout South Africa.  Kindly refer to the  main menu item ABOUT US to view our detailed AIMS AND OBJECTIVES, and to the main menu item INTERNATIONAL, NATIONAL AND REGIONAL ACTIVITIES AND NEWS, for greater detail on our current activities.

Our Institute also maintains close ties with overseas organizations of a similar nature, and is a full member of the World Packaging Organization - our past National Chairman was at one time President of that organization, and is now its General Secretary.

We are also very concerned that we are satisfying the needs of our membership - so invite you to complete the ongoing Member Opinion Survey which appears under the main menu item headed MEMBERSHIP.  You can also update your membership contact details on line - see also under MEMBERSHIP.


       We hope you find our website both interesting and informative.  Should you wish to make any suggestions for improvements, or to comment, please see contact details for our web manager under the menu item "Contact Us" or "Acknowledgements and Comments".