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We offer below a variety of comments received from various persons in regard to our one year diploma course.  Please refer also to the Student Response Questionnaire appearing as a sub menu item, for the reactions of some of our past students.


Our course is based on our Handbook of Packaging Technology, which is produced by our Institute.  We offer the following comment by Pierre Pienaar -

"IPSA's Handbook of Packaging Technology is well researched, technically sound and contains up-to-date information relevant to those in the industry and those coming into the industry.
Having been closely associated with the Diploma of Packaging Technology course for many years I certainly endorse the IPSA Handbook as a valuable resource for this course.
The layout of this book makes it easy to reference information. It is certainly the best and most thorough packaging handbook I have come across in 25 years of being in the industry. You guys can be proud of it. I have heard a number of references to it by packaging gurus here in Australia."

Pierre has a Master of Science degree (Packaging Engineering / Technology) from Brunel University, UK. He is a past Chairman of the South African Institute of Packaging, a past director of the Packaging Council of Southern Africa and a representative on the board of the World Packaging Organisation, and is currently President of the Australian Institute of Packaging. He has lectured in the technology and science of packaging at various institutions for the past 15 years and is currently a tutor for the correspondence course being offered through the AIP (Australian Institute of Packaging), namely the  Diploma in Packaging IoP UK.


ANSIE LANING - Deciding which packaging to use for new products plays a big part in my position at DairyBelle, I hope to understand the factors influencing the type of packaging chosen a lot better.   I would also like to understand the manufacturing of certain types of packaging.  In knowing this, it would help to understand the limitations of our suppliers.

JAN DELPORT - I always strive to be independent in my work situation and to provide valuable input when necessary.  Packaging development and artwork changes have become a major part of my portfolio. I hope to gain real understanding of adding value to my company and to become a worthy team player on packaging innovation within the company.

YVETTE KEMPEN - I recently returned from the UK where I worked for a reprographics house producing artwork for a supermarket's own brand label.  The packaging technology course will be a good foundation to build on and help further my career in the packaging industry, especially on the more technical side of packaging.

PULANE JELE - I believe the course will develop me to be competent when handling packaging issues and in that way I will add value to the growth of my company.

RENATE SUTTON - Being a newcomer within the packaging industry this is an ideal platform and opportunity to broaden my knowledge in this field. Furthermore I will gain market intelligence by interacting with different parties within the various spectrums of the packing and retail industry.   To apply the study material to my day to day operations will definitely give me an edge in the market.

MARTHA MAKHUBU - I believe that I will gain knowledge, experience, be motivated, and most of all become more confident when handling packaging matters.

CHERI-LYN JANSE VAN VUUREN - When working in the packaging converting industry, it is essential to make sure that your knowledge surpasses that of your clients.  A all-round knowledge of every facets of packaging, will ensure professionalism and confidence when working with staff and clients.  I believe that this course will equip me with the tools produce work of a higher standard, therefore elevating me to a higher level.

JOYCE DUBE - Being new and still training as a QC in PACKAGING. I believe through this course I'll gain better or more knowledge, understand packaging and the challenges that come with it.

PRATHIVA PILLAY (Cum Laude student 2014) -  The course is really well structured and easy to follow. It gives the packaging professional a good background to be more productive and efficient in ones' duties. It also enabled me to meet various other professionals within the the industry which was really beneficial.  In addition, I absolutely enjoyed being a part of the student GoldPack (competition).  Although the course meant sacrificing many hours towards studying, it was definitely worth the effort.  I would definitely recommend tbe course to anyone considering doing it.

Completing the One Year Diploma course was the ideal platform to expand my knowledge and understanding in Packaging. The theory covered during the course has equipped me with the competence and confidence to provide valuable input on the different types of packaging materials and technologies. It has also enabled me to contribute to packaging innovation within my career. The theory also covered the different manufacturing processes which had a great impact in assisting me with working with suppliers. The course has helped lay a solid foundation from which I can further my career in packaging.

The packaging assignment which formed part of the Student Gold Pack Awards was also a great learning curve. The assignment in-cooperated all the sections on designing packaging for a specific product which challenged students and gave them the opportunity to illustrate their skills and put into practise what they had learnt. It also gave students the opportunity to approach industry leaders to get guidance and advice which enhanced their confidence and communication skills.