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Infixion Media have available an internet based iMix facility (see below for more detail on this dynamic company).

The site, which will link all the industries served by Infixion Media, will offer subscribers complete access to...

    * In-depth journal and directory content and archives using full search    functionality.
    * An extensive reader base with an instant and convenient source of cross-industry information.
    * Classified advertisements.
    * Subscription services.
    * Blogs.
    * News feeds.
    * Dynamic editorial content.
    * Updating of company's contact details in THE BUYER'S GUIDE in real time.
    * Ecommerce functionality (this will enable users to buy and sell products online, creating an effective marketplace for their products and services).

If you would like to view this facility please click on then, when the website opens, click on the IHS logo (top right on the website).

We provide this information as a service to the packaging community.


IHS Publishing SA becomes Infixion Media
In early 2010, IHS South Africa's publishing division became Infixion Media, a proud fully South African company owned by Greg Hughes. The company now has the flexibility to take its 39 products to new heights, encompassing all that print media has traditionally offered as well as the exciting potential opened up by the Internet.

Infixion Media is not just about individual journals, like so many of its competitors. It provides tightly integrated websites, electronic newsletters, online catalogues, custom microsites for clients, buyers' guides, and more. The company has positioned itself to be the leading supplier of integrated media to the B2B sector.

Find out more at http://

Packaging Review (one of Infixion Media's monthly journals) celebrates 35 years!
As one of Infixion's flagship titles, Packaging Review, has enjoyed a close and mutually beneficial association with IPSA since the magazine's inception. Celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2010, Packaging Review continues to up its game, providing opinion-forming news and views, technical articles and trend spotting.