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The Institute is able to offer - to a limited extent - a tailor made series of 1 to 3 day workshops or short courses, presented in company.

An IPSA presenter will initially liaise with the client company to establish its precise requirements, and will then structure a suggested workshop / course for client approval and thereafter subsequent presentation, over  a period to suit the client's needs (that is, although the course will not typically normally exceed 1 to 3 days, this may span a number of months so as not to cause too much disruption to the client's flow of business due to staff absence).

Such workshops / courses are normally based on the Institute's "A Handbook of Packaging Technology"(which also forms the basis for our Once Year Diploma Course (see elsewhere in this website), but the institute is of course reasonably flexible in meeting the client's requirements.

The cost basis is normally that the institute's presenter will indicate to the institute his / her costs of preparation of the material, and presentation, and the institute then quotes the client on this basis with a modest oncost as a royalty fee for use of its material and expertise.

Where such workshops / courses are held, delegates are normally required to satisfy an end of course assessment, and those successfully achieving the pass mark will be presented with the institute's Short Course Certificate.  This requirement can of course be dispensed with if the client company does not require this.

Such courses remain the intellectual property of the institute, although the client company does of course have subsequent access to "it's" course, subject to a renegotiated presentation fee, on each subsequent occasion.

 Workshops already conducted or in the course of preparation are (suggested titles) -

Graphics (which includes print processes) - (for in-company packaging / marketing design teams);

An Understanding of Packaging Requirements (for sales representatives in allied industries) .

 Food safety packaging and related legislation.

(These courses are (or will be) based on institute publications either available now or likely to be in the near future)


Should you be interested, please make initial contact with our National Education Officer at email : education@