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Concerns who have packaging related vacancies within their organisations, or who are recruiting packaging related staff on behalf of any organisation, may take advantage of the opportunity to advertise such employment opportunities on our website, at a nominal cost of R300-00 (incl VAT).  This covers insertion for a period of 30 days from date of submission, but insertion will only be activated once payment is made.

Please contact our web manager at with details of the vacancy offered (normally you would provide a job description or specification, including a contact address for applications), or you may use our pro forma job description / specification - click HERE.

You will be provided with a tax invoice and be contacted further as may be necessary.  For the purposes of preparation of this invoice please supply your -

Full and correct Company name and address
Your company's VAT number
Contact person : Name and email address, and telephone number

This website is visited not only by our approximately 650 members, but by persons and organisation world wide, so this provides a valuable opportunity to indicate employment opportunities within your concern at a very nominal cost.