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The Advanced Packaging Diploma Programme (APD)

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The ADVANCED PACKAGING DIPLOMA (APD) programme was first launched in Durban on the 17 April 2012. Since then it has been rotated around the regions with the course running in Johannesburg in 2013, Cape Town in 2014, back in Durban in 2015 and in Johannesburg in 2016. The course will be offered in Cape Town in 2017. 

One of our past students writes as follows -

"When I accepted my current job offer and position at ...... in March of this year, I took a huge gamble, I left the food industry and joined the irrigation industry. It was not an ideal set up, I actually wanted a job more involved with packaging. But, nevertheless, I took the job with a lot of uncertainty. The only thing that I was sure of was that I was going to sign up for the Advanced Packaging Diploma course and see where it takes me.

 I am thrilled to say that next week I am starting my new job at ........ as a Quality Assurance Assistant, and I have to admit, the course benefited me a lot in actually getting the job. The topics covered during the course has been absolutely great, particularly the quality aspects covered. The knowledge I have gained is priceless and things I will always carry with me".

 Another writes...

"Thank you ......for the guidance and advice on the course content as it is the premier packaging course available in the our country. 

It was a privilege and a honour to be part of IPSA's Advanced Diploma course in the Cape which has given us all a new perspective on packaging especially on the use of alternative sustainable materials and the introduction thereof to the consumer in a package format which is now our challenge".
A third says -
" Thank you for the opportunity in allowing me to be apart of such an amazing group of students.

The course was very informative & I would highly recommend it to fellow colleagues.

 Looking forward to the graduation date for next year"

This advanced course has now been officially accredited by the World Packaging Organisation (May 2015). Investigations are underway to have it (eventually) accredited by our SETA and an appropriate NQF level awarded. 


This will be held in Cape Town - details as below.


This programme is open to all graduates of the institute's One Year Diploma in Packaging Technology (and others with equivalent packaging qualifications), and builds on that diploma.  It is aimed at those packaging professionals who are possibly at the threshold of a management level appointment, or who wish to prepare themselves for senior or management level positions in the industry.

(To this end, the programme commences with an understanding of the operation of a busines within a free enterprise system, then proceeds over a limited number of lectures to an understanding of the role played by the various disciplines with the company hierarchy.  As this is a packaging technology course, this is not over emphasised, but is considered necessary to equip the student for a future management role).

The program will be normally offered only in the three main centres, that is Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town once each in every three years in rotation.  The programme features guest facilitators who are leaders in their various packaging fields, sourced from all over South Africa, and who share the very latest in technology in their respective fields.

The course duration is approximately 5-6 months, and is normally based on two lectures weekly (however, see later).  There are two formal examinations based on the theoretical component of the programme, concluding with a 7 week team orientated practical business project.  The latter terminates with the presentation of each team's written proposal, followed by an oral presentation by each team member individually, based on his or her team's written submission. (The latter is to give each student an opportunity to practice his or her presentations skills, and follows a lecture session on this subject, followed by a re-inforcement session shortly before the final oral assessment session).

 (It is considered that these skills are equally as important in developing future packaging managers)

The Business Proposal brief is normally centred around the development of a packaging concept from conception to eventual launch, taking into account all facets of the packaging mix, including cognisance of the three R's / environmental issues.


The venue for the next (Cape Town) programme will be announced shortly.

Fees are R20,526.32 + VAT = R23,400.00 in 2017.  The fee is inclusive of -

*       all tuition, and examination fees
*       student membership for the year (whether or not an existing member)
*      a copy of the Institute's publication "A Handbook of Packaging Technology"  (2017 edition)
*      a free monthly copy of the PACKAGiNG and Print Media magazine


Enrolments are open for 2017.  The programme will normally be limited to 20 participants to preserve the highly interactive and close knit nature of this programme.  Students and facilitators both, are encouraged to engage one another in discussing, challenging and exploring the various subjects being dealt with.  Enrolments will close nominally on the 30 April 2017, but this will depend upon the number of students accepted at that stage.

Enrolment documents will be posted in the new year. 


To view the 2017 Programme Overview - click HERE.  



The following documents are relevant -

Enrolment Form 2017 - click HERE (It is clarified that enrolment will be accepted on a selective basis according to existing packaging related qualifications, and especially so if the programme is over subscribed, in case which a selection process may occur - based on top achievers).

Programme Rules and Conduct 2017 version click HERE  

The programme is based on fairly stringent rules and conduct and each student enrolling is taken to have agreed to be bound by these.  It is thus imperative that each student enrolling has carefully studied and noted these provisions.



In the first instance, please contact IPSA's Education Secretary (Ms Lara Venter) on email: or contact