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Overview of Packaging Technology Course

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The Institute has developed an entry level course which is called the the Overview of Packaging Technology (OPT) course.

The course is aimed at those who require an broad overview of the complicated and diverse world of packaging. It is particularly useful to persons new to the packaging field and those who wish to broaden their knowledge. The typical candidate would be somone who wish to expand on their existing narrow knowledge of the industry and those who may have little or no previous knowledge of packaging, and who would not typically have had much - if any - technical schooling, packaging background or experience. Students would probably be working in a packaging environment where theoretical and practical packaging knowledge would be beneficial to them (e.g. trainee packaging technologist, machine operator, packaging line team leader, packaging material salesman, packaging material buyer, logistics controller / supervisor, or packaging material laboratory / QC assistant.)

 The course is also suitable for persons very new to packaging – for example, school leavers interested in this field as a possible vocation, or perhaps newly recruited employees / first time workers.  

This overview course is very practical and "hands on" and is aimed at providing primarily,  practical skills, with a 'dose' of theory thrown in.  The duration will be about 32,5 hours lecture time, on a 2 - 3 hour twice weekly lecture basis.  These lectures will be held during the week, in the late afternoon.

 ACCREDITATION:  Application has been made to our SETA to accredit this course at NQF level 3 - outcome awaited.   We also intend to have this course accredited by the World Packaging Organisation.


To view the "Course Overview" - please click HERE.


The course is offered in each of our regions sometimes two or three times a year depending upon demand.

To ascertain when the course is next likely to be offered in the region in which you reside, please refer to the Regional Administrators as hereunder:-

Gauteng Region: Ms Jestina Mpofu - email:

KwaZulu Natal Region: Mrs Lara-Jane venter - 082 776  2201 - email:

Western Cape: Ms Ingrid Schoeman - 076 107 0639 - email: 

Eastern Cape:  Mrs Jill Barclay - 082 874 1865 - email:


Fees for 2017 are R8450.00 per student, including VAT.


Please click HERE to open, view, download or print the study enrolment form.  This should be submitted as indicated under COURSE INFORMATION above


Enquiries may be made to our National Education Officer at