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A Summary of IPSA's Educational Offerings

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The Institute is dedicated to the provision of packaging education to improve and enhance packaging professionalism. 

The Institute has developed a three-tier formal education portfolio to meet the need sin the industry.

ONE: The Overview of  Packaging Technology (OPT) short certificate course - aimed at those wanting a broad overbiew of the complex worls of packaging. This course is ideal for those already within the industry who wish to broaden or refresh their knowledge as well as those new to packaging or in ancillary type occupations related to packaging, who would benefit from some theoretical technical knoweldge.  Also, would suit a school leaver weighing up packaging as a career.  This course serves as a 'feeder' to the One Year Diploma course.

The OPT is a short course (+/- 2,5 months) and is very hands-on and practical - offered on a regional basis as frequently as there is demand and capacity by ourselves.

As this course is very hands-on and practical it can only be offered to students able to attend lectures, and factory visits, etc. 

TWO: The One Year Diploma in Packaging Technology (OYD) - aimed at the practising packaging professional who needs to hone his or her technical knowledge or skills.  Accredited by the World Packaging Organisation and other overseas packaging institutes.  It has been in operation for over 30 years and is widely respected and accepted by the South African packaging industry.  The course spans 10 months of the year for 'attendance' students in the main centres. However, it can also be done via distance learning, or on a self study mentor-assisted basis where a student is unable to attend local lectures (see explanations later).

THREE: The Advanced Diploma in Packaging Technology (APD) - aimed at graduates of the One Year Diploma (or persons with equivalent qualifications or considerable packaging experience) - this course builds on the One Year Diploma and drills down deeper into technological aspects.  It is aimed at those on the threshhold of management positions in the industry. The programme includes a team project business proposal requiring students to put forward to a simulated company 'Board or Directors' a proposal covering the launch of a new or revised product from beginning to end, taking into account all technological issues as well as costings, marketing aspects and the like.

This programme is similarly accredited by the World Packaging Organisation, and runs for approximately 6 months. 

As this programme is highly interactive it cannot unfortunately (at this stage) be undertaken other than by students attending weekly lectures. 

The Institute is also looking at the possibility of introducing a DEGREED LEVEL COURSE as a further step, but this lies in the future.

SHORT COURSES:  These tend to be subject specific and are prepared in most cases at the request of individual companies who wish to train staff in company.  They are thus very specific to that company's needs and requirements, and can vary from one to three days in duration, or more.

They can however be held as public courses if there is a demand. 

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