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The Lecture Schedule / Syllabus for the current academic  is followed by our (lecture) attendance students, our "self study" students,  and the distance learning students in setting their study regimen.

As the course requires students essentially to study from the prescribed text book, they should make frequent reference to the Lecture Schedule, as this indicates those subjects (i.e. chapter of the text book) which will need to be studied prior to each of the 5 tests, and the 2 exams.  It also contains other important information such as submission date for the practical assignment, and so on.

Please direct any queries on this document to the Regional Secretary of the Institute in the region where you reside - see main menu item CONTACT US

Please note that it may possibly become necessary from time to time to amend the lecture schedule (e.g. test dates, etc) - students will be advised of such changes in good time.

To view or print a copy of the 2016 schedule, please click HERE or see under DOWNLOADS on the main menu.