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The Institute takes great pride in its part time one year Diploma in Packaging Technology, and this section attempts to assist current students with their studies, even so far as to recommend memory training literature!

This section is in a never ending process of improvement as we find new ways and means of providing this assistance, so some sections are not yet fully complete.  We do hope however, that you will find the information that is available of some value to you.

You should also click on the various menu items "PICTURE GALLERY" which contain 'packaging' pictures and which may help you to understand aspects of your studies, on the basis that a "picture speaks a 1000 words!".

Below is a list suggesting some additional reading to help you with your studies -

Students may find the following publications a useful source of reference in the process of their studies.  If a student comes across a useful and informative reference work which is not listed below, we would love to have the details from you.  Contact our Webmaster (Roger) at, giving the information listed below.

Having trouble swotting / remembering what you have learned?  Some students have found these memory training books most useful –

Memory Training

 Use Your Perfect Memory

 Use Both sides of Your Brain

Tony Buzan 

(both published by Pengion Books)

Useful and informative as an ongoing source of articles/ information on packaging and related subjects – 

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 PACKAGiNG and Print Media


Other Publications (in alphabetical order) -

 Basic Business LogisticsR A Ballou 
 Basic Marketing          E J MCCarthey & W D Perreault Jnr 
 Booby Traps in Multinational Distribution L E Gill
 Business Logistics, Transportation, Materials Management, Physical Distribution  D H Ballou
 Cost & Management Accounting  T Cairns & R Taylor
 Chemistry of Food Packaging C M Swalm
 Effective Distribution Management M Christopher, D Waltes & G Willis
 Effective Small Business Management W M Scarborough & T W Zimmer
 Financial Management E H Vegter
 Flexible Food Packaging : Questions and Answers  A Hirsch
 Food Packaging  T Kodoya
 Food Packaging Principles and Practice

G Robertson 

 Fundamentals of Packaging  F A Paine 
 Fundamentals of Packaging Technology  Walter Soroka IOP     (UK) 
 Fundamental Packaging   Technikon   Witwatersrand
 Handbook of Food Packaging (A)   F A Paine & H Y Paine
 How to Package Goods for International Transportation  B Haggerty   
 Industrial Marketing Analaysis Planning & Control  R R Reader, E G Brierly & B H Reader
 Industrial Packaging Adhesives K S Booth 
 Intermediate Bulk Containers  Institute of Packaging (UK) 
 Introduction to Business Management  G J de Cronje, E W Neuland & M J van Reenden 
 Logistical Management D J Bowersisc 
 Management of Physical Distribution & Transportation  C A Taff 
 MAP of Food B Oorakuil & M E Stiles 
 Marketing : Contemporary Concepts & Practices W F Schoveg 
 Marketing Practices & Principles  R E Mason, P M Rath & H L Ross 
 Materials Handling : Principles & Practice  T H Allergsi & Van Norstrand 
 Microwave Packaging  S Sacharow
 Modern Packaging Encyclopaedia : Introduction to Packaging 1 Technikon SA 
 Marketing  M L Mandell & L J Rosenberg 
 Marketing in a Competitive Economy  L W Roger 
 Packaging in Contact with Food  J H Briston 
 Packaging Food with Plastics W A Jenkins 
 Packaging in Glass B Moody 
 Packaging III : Study Guide Technikon SA
 Packaging Life, Theory & Prectice G R Oswin 
 Packaging Media (The) F A Paine 
 Packaging of Pharmaceuticals, Packages & Closures Institute of Packaging (UK) 
 Packaging Technology (Certificate in) Institute of Packaging (SA) 
 Plastic in Food PAckaging : Properties, Design, Fabrication W E Brown
 Plastics in Packaging : Conversion Processes Institute of Packaging (UK) 
 Plastics in Packaging : Properties & Applications Institute of PAckaging (UK) 
 Plastics : Packaging of Food, Beverages & Pharmaceuticals G C Cornfield
 Principles & Applications of MAP of Foods R T Parry 
 Production Handbook   The Donald Press, New York 
 Production Manager's Desk Book L R Zegler
 Productive Supervision J L Reggs
 Purchasing & Materials Management; Principles & Perspectives W M J Hugo & D J van Rooyen
Quality Without Tears Phillip Crosby 
 Rancidity in Snack foods T A Burdon
 Role of Packaging in Physical Distribution (The) Transportation & Distribution Management
 Sales Manager's Handbook O Riso
 Shrives Chemical Process Industries G T Austin 
 Situation of Waste Management & Pollution Control in SA  CSIR 
 Snack Food Technology S A Martz 
 Study of the Effect of Light Barriers on the Onset of Rancidity in Crisps (A) BCL Research & Development Department
 Warehouse Management Handbook J A Tonkin & J D Smith
 Wiley Encyclopaedia of Packaging Technology Marilin Bakker

Codes of Practice -

 Glossary for Quality Insurance & Quality ControlSABS 0158 SABS 
 Packaging of Dangerous Goods for Transportation by SeaInternational Maritime Organisation 
 Quality Management Systems SABS 0157 
 Quality Management & Quality Systems, Elements & Guidelines ISO 9004International Organisation for Standardisation