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The Institute has set up a Students' Interactive Learning Website, for use by students studying the Institute's One Year Diploma in Packaging Technology.

If you are a student and would like to make use of this resource, you will need to log on, and supply your own unique user name and password.

Details as to what you will find on the site, and the process is as follows -

Go to Internet Explorer.

o    In the Address line, type in:
o    Click on 'log in' at top right hand side of page.
o    Click on 'create new account'
o    Supply personal details as requested; plus your own user name and password
o    A confirmatory email will be forwarded to your address. Click on web link supplied.
o    Log on. A one off password for the IPSA packaging pages is required: Password is : IPSA

What you will find on this web site -

•    IPSA course details and study guide
•    The power point presentations used in most, but not all classes, as downloadable pdf files, released when you require them.
•    Answers to the 'review questions' in the text book, released when you require them.
•    Project (packaging assignment) details.
•    Notes on ' how to study effectively'
•    Examples of past exam and test papers
•     A glossary of 'packaging' and related terms. This is an participative feature and you are encouraged to add your own items to this resource and so share with other IPSA students
•    Calendar with dates for course assessments. This one you can personalize with your key dates
•    A messaging service for use to contact other IPSA students
•    A loan calculator (useful if you intend to buy a house or car……both an expensive form of packaging!)

Still to come:
•    A 'packaging' discussion forum

Hint: "F11" will toggle page size viewed.

NOTE : Should you experience any difficulty in loggin on or in using this website please contact for assistance.