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Dear Student

The Institute takes great pride in its part time one year Diploma in Packaging Technology, and this section attempts to assist current students with their studies, even so far as to recommend memory training literature!

This section is in a never ending process of improvement as we find new ways and means of providing this assistance, so please feel free to suggest improvements or additions if you wish - see main menu item ACKNOWLEDGMENTS AND COMMENTS.

We do hope however, that you will find the information that is available at this stage of some value to you.

We must immediately invite your attention to our STUDENTS' INTERACTIVE LEARNING website (see sub menu above).  This also contains samples of previous test and exam papers, but we must CAUTION YOU - the questions and / or answers shown are in many cases based on previous versions of our prescribed text book which has been revised several times since - SO THEY MAY NO LONGER BE VALID!

However, we have nevertheless prepared a number of sample test and exam questions which you may like to attempt, purely for practice purposes.  If you would like to view or download these please click on the DOWNLOADS main menu item (or click HERE)

No answers are given - that would be too easy - but all the answers can be found in your prescribed text book, under the section headings shown. 

We suggest you are guided by the Lecture Schedule and attempt only those questions falling within the subjects on which you are to be tested at the next test or exam - otherwise you will exhaust yourself!

Obviously, before the exam for each semester, you will need to cover all the questions applying to subject in that semester, and refer also to First or Second Semester questions, as appropriate.

Check also at the end of each chapter of the text book where other questions appear, for you to attempt.

Good luck!