S A (Industry) Gold Pack Awards (Website: www.Goldpack.org.za)


General Notes


The Gold Pack Awards is the show case for excellence in packaging and are held every 2 years (2017 is a Gold pack year)

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 The GOLD PACK AWARDS were put in place to improve the overall design of South African packaging to allow to country to compete with sophisticated foreign packaging on the home and in the export markets.

In 1973, the institute held its first awards programme in which there were just two entries.  From these small beginnings, the programme has grown to an event of national stature, attracting entries from a large cross-section of the Southern African packaging industry.  In addition, successful entries in the national event are eligible for entry into the World Packaging Organisation's WORLDSTAR contest.

 • the Student Gold Pack Awards.  Click HERE to access

 Both the Gold Pack Awards and the Student Gold Pack awards are heavily dependent on the support from our partner sponsors. The headline sponsors for both of these award programmes are PROPAK and SAPPI.

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