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On 4th February 1970, 33 people from many areas of the packaging industry attended a meeting at AECI in Modderfontein to discuss the need or otherwise for the formation of an Institute of Packaging in South Africa.

It was unanimously agreed at this historic meeting that further investigations should be carried out and a steering committee was elected with Bob Gillespie of AECI as chairman, and Chris Angus of Van Leer as secretary.  Their brief was to look into all the implications of the project, and after several more meetings, it was agreed to proceed with the formation of an Institute of Packaging – thus IPSA was born.

Today, IPSA has developed into an influential educational body of note within the packaging industry.

With hundreds of members country wide, IPSA now represents the main body of packaging professionals within the industry, and services the needs and interests of these members through its five regional offices in the Northern Region, Western Cape, Eastern Cape, KwaZulu Natal, and the Border region.  The institute also has a number of country members, mainly students, who are situated in the more outlying areas of South Africa, and increasingly, in Africa to the north of us.

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If you would like to read an in-depth review of the history of our institute, please follow the instructions below -


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PLEASE NOTE  that this article was written to commemorate our 40th anniversary in 2010.