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The aims and objectives of our institute are as follows:

* To advance the standards and methods of education in the field of packaging and related subjects.

* To promote the development of the art, science and technologies of the profession.

* To assist in the co-operation and exchange of knowledge and expertise between persons actively engaged, or interested in, the technologies of packaging, and to enable such persons to meet and / or correspond with each other.

* To found, provide or manager scholarships, prizes and training grants, to award certificates and diplomas by examination or otherwise, to organize course of study and to maintain libraries and other media related to packaging.

* To prepare and arrange for the delivery of lectures and the holding of discussion groups, and to print, publish and circulate such papers, periodicals, bulletins, pamphlets, books and any other publications as may seem conducive to any of the foregoing.

* To arrange and promote conferences, exhibitions, seminars, tours and other functions; to co-operate with organizations active in the interests and furtherance of the objective of the institute and its members.

* To promote, support or oppose legislation or other measures likely to benefit, or adversely affect the institute, and to have the right to co-operate accordingly with any organizational bodies, be they Government, Corporate or otherwise.