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There are three sections; one for PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY students, one for DESIGN students, and one for FOOD SCIENCES students.

The Student Gold Pack Awards are heavily dependent on the support of our partner sponsors. PROPAK and SAPPI have been the headline sponsors for these awards for many years and our gratitude and thanks go to them and the many other companies in the industry that support these awards.

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The remarks following apply to the PACKAGING section although information regarding the other two sections may also be viewed as indicated

For those who are studying the Institute's One Year Diploma in Packaging Technology, the practical assignment, which they are required to complete becomes their entry into the competition, PROVIDED they satisfy certain minimum criteria.  Initial judging is done at regional level for academic (diploma) purposes, and those entries exceeding certain minimum criteria  then go forward to the final judging panel to determine the ultimate winners.

The final judges are
primarily identifying students who show a special insight into the challenges of packaging and the interaction of the multiplicity of disciplines which are involved.

 A most useful article has been written by our Student of the Year 2014 (Robyn Schafer) which contains some valuable advice on how to go about preparing the written segment of your submission.  To view this article click HERE.

The Student Gold Pack National Awards are made annually at a gala function attended by a wide spectrum of people from the packaging industry.

From 2013 onwards please refer to the Student GoldPack website                                                                                                                             


Anyone intending to enter the Student Gold Pack Awards must visit and register on the Student Gold Pack website. 

Amongst other most useful advice on how to approach YOUR project, the site provides detail on -

   1. What you need to do?
   2. The Rules
   3. Presentation Guidelines
   4. Judging criteria
- and of course, the ENTRY FORM.  

The site also has a feature whereby advice and guidance can be sought from a panel of experts in their fields.

Generous cash prizes – as well as the industry recognition which a student gains – are the rewards for finalists and winners.

If you have any questions or require any clarification on the briefs or any other aspects of the competition, please do not hesitate to contact -

Mr Bill Marshall (our National Secretary) who will guide you.


Telephone: 011 804 1614