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Enrolments for  any academic year open normally in mid December of the previous year and must be submitted (at the latest) by -

*  the end of January in the year of study for students intending to attend lectures in one of the main centres, or "self study" students (certain smaller urban centres), or by -

*   mid January for Distance Learning students

-  as the course normally commences in early February.  Ideally, application should be made NO LATER THAN early January, as fees must be paid before the course commences.  Study materials will only be supplied once fees are paid, so time must be allowed for this process to take its course.

Students who wish to register early may however enquire from about October onwards.

The fees applicable for 2017 appear under the sub-menu item.

The Course Rules and Conduct applicable to all students enrolling for our diploma course are posted on this website.
If you would like to download a copy of the enrolment form, please click HERE.  This may be submitted now, if you wish to ensure your place on the course, but please note that in signing and submitting this you indicate that you accept the Course Rules and Conduct (including those under review for the next academic year) - referred to above.

Enrolments should be addressed to the Regional Education Secretary in the area in which you reside - see contact details under Main menu item CONTACT US

- or, if a Distance Learning student, to -

NAME                                                   : JILL BARCLAY

MOBILE    : 082 812 0956

EMAIL                                                  :  

POSTAL                                               : 294 Villiers Road, Walmer,                                                              PORT ELIZABETH, 6070


We would love to have you as a student for next year!!