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We are very please to announce that this course kicked off in Port Elizabeth in early May, and is going great guns!

Many thanks to Facilitator Mrs CINDY PARRY who is steering the course for us, and the students (and their companies) who have supported us.

We will repeat the course in the second half of the year if there is demand - please let either Jill Barclay (ipsa@mweb.co.za) or Roger (instpack@mweb.co.za) know should you be interested in this second course. 




At the inaugural meeting of the new committee for the Eastern Cape region the following portfolios were accepted by the committee members concerned:

Roger Cary-Smith as Chairman would oversee the education portfolio as the person originally volunteering for this portfolio has resigned.  He will be assisted by Jill Barclay as Regional Secretary, who will do the administration work.  In regard to the Introduction to Packaging Technology course - please see feedback on this page.

The One Year Diploma in Packaging Technology course will not be held this year, due to lack of students.

Roger is also the National Education Officer for the Institute.

Crystal Edwards has accepted the position of Vice Chairman, and will be in overall control of events management, assisted by Michelle Dickerson, Siyabonga Mlombi and Lungelwa Sotashe.

Graham Compton will, with the assistance of Jill on the administrative side, be responsible for new member recruitment, and PRO duties on behalf of the region; that is, to attempt to publicise the institute wherever and whenever possible, in an attempt to gain new members and increase support.

Jill Barclay – who is also IPSA’s national education secretary, will be responsible for all administration work for the region, barring accounting, and as such will support all committee members.

Bev Barr of ‘The Bureau’ (Bookkeeping/Accounting/Administration) will be responsible (on an outsource basis) for our accounts and bookkeeping management, answering to the Chairman.




Dear IPSA Friends

 A feedback report on this popular event will be posted very soon! 

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Feb 29, 2016



Feb 29, 2016

Dear Eastern Cape Region members of IPSA

At our AGM last Friday I was elected as the region’s new chairman, so would like to introduce myself.

I was involved with the region for about 12 years previously as Regional Secretary so am very familiar with our past history. I have been with IPSA for about 17 years now, and for the last 10/11 years have headed up their education portfolio, which is today one of the main activities and revenue sources for IPSA. We have grown the function from about 95 students to over 200 in 2014, and have introduced a number of new courses. Two of the three courses involved are accredited by the World Packaging Organisation as being of a world standard, and we are currently seeking SETA/NQF accreditation for two of our courses. I am also on the NATEX national executive.

I do realise that this region has been a little dormant of late, but it is our intention to try to embark upon a vigorous programme of activities this year – too soon to explain what we have in mind, but you will be advised in due course. I also plan that we will improve our communication with you as to IPSA ‘goings-on’. We now also have our own (regional) dedicated page (http://www.ipsa.org.za/regions.php?rid=10) on the IPSA website (www.ipsa.org.za) so please visit that occasionally for news, views, and photos. It is very new so is still to be ‘populated’.

If you are a member by virtue of having successfully completed our one year diploma in 2014 (and were thus a ‘free’ (gratuitous) member for 2015) please wont you consider now paying the subs due for 2016 and becoming a fully fledged member? We will be writing to you individually with the same appeal. Likewise, if you are a member but have not renewed your subs for 2016, please would you do so? We value you and don’t want to lose you!

We cannot make this region a success and have a continuing programme of interesting events unless we have your support. I would be most grateful if we could count on this.

Please feel free to email me with any personal or other issues you may have with IPSA in this region.

Your new committee is – Crystal Edwards, Jill Barclay, Graham Compton, Michelle Dickerson, Siyabonga Mlombi, Lungelwa Sotashe. Portfolios are still to be allocated.

Looking forward to the challenge.

Kind regards


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