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The table below lists those persons who have registered with the Institute as workseekers, and who are seeking work in the packaging or related fields.

To view the detailed Curriculum Vitae please click on the NAME or NON-DE-PLUME of the person concerned.  Should you wish to contact that person kindly use the email address supplied.

DISCLAIMER : Please be aware that the The Institute of Packaging (SA) offers this facility purely as a service to potential employees and employers in the packaging industry.  The Institute in no way vouches for the correctness, veracity nor reliability of the information which appears in each Curriculum Vitae, nor does the listing of a person imply endorsement of that person in any way.  Potential employers are advised to conduct the normal pre-employment checks they would as a matter of routine, apply.

NAME OR NON-DE-PLUME (click to view detailed Curriculum Vitae)


Ms Michelle Geel (Port Elizabeth ideally, but will consider elsewhere) 

Noelene Anne Jorgensen

Name or Non-de-Plume

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Noelene Anne Jorgensen

Looking for Contract work to assist companies with their ISO system requirements. Quality, Environmental, OH&S, Food Safety, GMP, HACCP Internal & Supplier audits, System Implementation, Training etc.

Port Elizabeth, but available to do Contract work, Nationally and Internationally


Ms Michelle Geel

Packaging Technology

Ideally Port Elizabeth, but will consider elsewhere