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Overall control of the Institute's affairs is vested in the National Executive Committee (NATEX) - click to see photographs.

Each of the  regions of the Institute (barring Border) has a local managing committee (Regional Committee) which consists of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer (sometimes combined), and a number of committee members.  The 5 regions are -

*    Northern (Gauteng area, incl Mpumalanga, Northern Province, Orange Free State)

*    KwaZulu Natal

*    Western Cape

*    Eastern Cape

*    Border (this region, although separate, falls within the jurisdiction of the Eastern Cape region)

Members in each region are more than welcome to indicate to the Regional Secretary should they be interested in involving themselves in the regional management.  The regions are constantly looking for "fresh blood" so as to introduce new thinking!

The overall education policy and effort is controlled by the Packaging Education Board (a sub committee of NATEX), but the diploma course (other than for Distance Learners) is actively managed by the regions in regard to lectures, student administration, etc.  The distance learning programme is managed by the Distance Learning Administrator / National Education Office whose contact details appear under the main menu item CONTACT US.

Details of office bearers follow - this information is current as at - 11 December 2012.  If you would like to download a copy of the Institute's directory to its executive and functional divisions please click HERE.





Position Held / Function

National Executive Committee (NATEX)

Mrs Susi Moore

National Chairman

Mr Kishan singh

Immediate Past National Chairman

Bill Marshall

National Events Convenor and National Secretary, and Student Goldpack.

Charles Muller

PackagingSa Representative (Executive Director)

Kishan Singh

Chairman, Packaging Education Board and National Education Officer

Gill Loubser / Susi Moore

Industry Relations, Fundraising (Gold Pack Awards)

Crystal Edwards

Chairperson, Eastern Cape Region

Kishan Singh

Chairman, KwaZulu Natal Region

Amith Sukhnundan

Chairperson, Northern Region

John Fox

Chairperson, Western Cape Region

Gold Pack

Mr Bill Marshall - 011-8041614
Fax No: 011-8043169
Cell: 083 306 8145
email: Gold Pack@ipsa.org.za
Website: www.GoldPack.org.za

Organiser - Gold Pack

National Secretariat

Bill Marshall

National Secretary

Packaging Education Board

Kishan Singh

Chairman and National Education Officer (Management Member)

Andrew Walker

Diploma Course National Moderator

Rosalie Duke

Diploma Course National Leader

Amith Suhnundan

Course Leader / Lecturer (Northern Region)

John Byett

Course Leader / Lecturer (Western Cape)

Kishan Singh

Course Leader/ Lecturer (KwaZulu Natal)

Jill Barclay

National Education Secretary, and Distance Learning students administrator

Vincent Singh

Organiser and Lecturer - Introduction to Packaging Technology certificate course (Gauteng)

Northern Region Committee

Amith Sukhnundanh


Michael Milich


Allan Caldwell

Member (Golf Days)

Bruce Beswick


Karen Stretch

Immediate Past Chairman / Communications

Jacqui Janse van Rensburg


Jess Nyamutenha

Secretary / Membership / Communications

Susi Moore


Jolanda de Spreng

Vice Chairman

Kim Hayes


Clayton Anumuthoo


Western Cape Committee

John Fox


Emma Dawson

Secretary/Website Maintenance

John Byett

Lecturer, Educational functions

Keith Vogt

Treasurer/Social media

Rosalie Duke

Regional Education Co-ordinator , Quiz

Ingrid Schoeman

WIPSA magazine and Seminars

Colette Estie


Karyn van Eeden

Membership/WIPSA (design and layout)

Kathleen van Hoogenhout

Vice Chairman/Golf days

Jan Groenewald

Student Liaison

Shereen Digre


KwaZulu Natal Committee

Greg Burgess


Kishan Singh


Lara-Jane Venter

Regional Secretary / Treasurer /
Regional Education Co-ordinator

Ricky Alli

Special Events

Hirnash (Kevin) Singh


Rushav Nundeekasen


Pat Iyer

Special Events

Afsana Nundeekasen


Conon Burrell


Eastern Cape and Border Committee

Crystal Edwards



Vice Chairman, and Co-ordinator, Events Management

Jill Barclay


Graham Compton

Membership and PRO

Michelle Dickerson

Events Organisation Team Member

Siyabonga Mlombi

Events Management Team Member